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28 Jul 2018
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Overall Pos
Bib No *
Categ Pos
Gen Pos
103A001Glenn Lee 26:28:46MEN OPEN49Male87Singapore
A002Muhammad Firdaus Othman DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
75A003Lim Kee Ming 23:46:19MEN OPEN40Male64Malaysia
141A005Khor Shin Hor 27:19:38MEN OPEN67Male121Malaysia
A006Suhaimi Tarmizi DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
A007Shahrul Adly Bin Abdullah DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
108A008Chua Kit 26:45:44MEN OPEN51Male92Malaysia
188A009Mohd Elmi Izha Md Alui 28:32:18MEN OPEN86Male165Malaysia
64A010Chooi Chun Kit 23:36:39MEN OPEN33Male53Malaysia
65A011Wong Tzyy Fung 23:36:40MEN OPEN34Male54Malaysia
A013Mark Jinmin DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
17A014Chong Wei Jung 17:51:23MEN OPEN9Male14Malaysia
A015Lee Chen Heng DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
66A016Wong Min Fung 23:36:42MEN OPEN35Male55Malaysia
A017Md Amzari Bin Md Zhahir DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
A018Ng Yong Siang DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
59A019Azali Bin Idris 23:10:13MEN OPEN30Male50Malaysia
A020Sit Kit Yuen DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
43A021Sebrey Jen Bin Sompit 21:43:54MEN OPEN24Male38Malaysia
A022Mohamad Hazwan Bin Zahari DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
A023Chen Yong Ning DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
A024Hafez Bin Muhamad Latipi DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
132A025Kharin Salim 27:14:48MEN OPEN63Male114Malaysia
109A026Lee Kuan Quan 26:45:45MEN OPEN52Male93Malaysia
A027Lim Peng Teong DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
A028Lee Wei Sung DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
146A029Ng Cho Tat 27:23:18MEN OPEN68Male126Malaysia
A030Lee Kah Seng DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
56A031Chin Kok Lin 22:49:07MEN OPEN29Male48Malaysia
33A032Ben Lee 20:31:38MEN OPEN17Male30Malaysia
118A033Woo Kok Meng 27:00:21MEN OPEN56Male101Malaysia
120A034Mohd Syahir Bin Samsudin 27:01:35MEN OPEN57Male103Malaysia
38A035Tan Teck Wee Terry 21:25:42MEN OPEN19Male33Singapore
178A036Kamarul Ariffin B. Mohamed 28:21:09MEN OPEN81Male155Malaysia
125A037Tan Tion Ho 27:10:42MEN OPEN60Male108Malaysia
200A038Aizuddin Mohd Azmi Chew 28:48:07MEN OPEN91Male175Malaysia
193A039Johannas Ahmad 28:38:28MEN OPEN88Male170Malaysia
A041Mohd.Nasier Lee Bin Noorjalih Lee DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
60A042Aidi Bin Husin 23:10:13MEN OPEN31Male51Malaysia
29A043Jametey Laminggu 20:24:27MEN OPEN15Male26Malaysia
A044Mohd Faizal Abdul Manap DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
63A045Md Azrul Syaffiq Bin Md Suhaimi 23:30:05MEN OPEN32Male52Malaysia
27A046Lee Chun Howe 19:51:10MEN OPEN14Male24Malaysia
A047Leong Wei Dong DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
181A048Bryan Anak Constant 28:24:24MEN OPEN83Male158Malaysia
A049Mohammad Zikri Bin Annuar DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
112A050GOH LIAN BOON, WILSON 26:48:23MEN OPEN53Male96Singapore
A051Lu Shir Yoong DNFMEN OPENMaleBrunei Darussalam
9A052Guo Zhengjin 17:23:02MEN OPEN4Male7Singapore
84A053Jian Wu 25:38:08MEN OPEN43Male71China
Page 1 of 6 (290 items)

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