Cameron Ultra Trail
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28 Jul 2018
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Categ Pos
Gen Pos
186A082Abdullah Mohamad Noor 28:30:09MEN OPEN85Male163Malaysia
A073Ahmad Alfisyahrin Bin Jamilin DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
45A129Ahmad Fathi Junaidi 21:48:30MEN OPEN25Male39Brunei Darussalam
B130Ahmad Feisol B. Abu Amin DNFMEN VETERANMaleMalaysia
197C006Aidah Tajuddin 28:43:58WOMEN OPEN17Female24Malaysia
60A042Aidi Bin Husin 23:10:13MEN OPEN31Male51Malaysia
200A038Aizuddin Mohd Azmi Chew 28:48:07MEN OPEN91Male175Malaysia
2A126Alessandro Rizzetto Chini (Sherpa) 13:40:33MEN OPEN2Male2Italy
134B093Alexirwan Omar 27:14:54MEN VETERAN52Male115Brunei Darussalam
96B094Ali Ajis Rasil 25:52:04MEN VETERAN34Male81Brunei Darussalam
12A105Alvin Png 17:39:32MEN OPEN7Male10Singapore
190B132Aminuddin Bin Baki 28:32:27MEN VETERAN81Male167Malaysia
128C009Amirah Izzah Mohd Najib 27:12:04WOMEN OPEN13Female18Malaysia
173B097Andi Rio 28:20:03MEN VETERAN71Male150Indonesia
191B080Andy Francis Anggi 28:35:26MEN VETERAN82Male168Malaysia
182B045Ang Cheng Ing 28:24:47MEN VETERAN76Male159Malaysia
93D005Angelane Eng 25:48:30WOMEN VETERAN4Female15Malaysia
B013Asmawi Bin Abu Aman DNFMEN VETERANMaleMalaysia
135A056Awal Fitri Abdul Hamid 27:16:52MEN OPEN64Male116Malaysia
59A019Azali Bin Idris 23:10:13MEN OPEN30Male50Malaysia
B086Azhari Bin Aziz DNFMEN VETERANMaleMalaysia
B059Azian Bin Baharuddin DNFMEN VETERANMaleMalaysia
105B081Azrin Rozan B Abd Rashid 26:31:28MEN VETERAN40Male89Malaysia
33A032Ben Lee 20:31:38MEN OPEN17Male30Malaysia
C012Bernardine Chin DNFWOMEN OPENFemaleMalaysia
181A048Bryan Anak Constant 28:24:24MEN OPEN83Male158Malaysia
92B073Chai Min Fooi 25:47:09MEN VETERAN31Male78Malaysia
126B062Chan Chong Meng 27:11:21MEN VETERAN49Male109Malaysia
95B064Chan Kean Siew 25:48:34MEN VETERAN33Male80Malaysia
161B008Chan Ling Khang 27:57:02MEN VETERAN67Male141Malaysia
B046Chan Nam DNFMEN VETERANMaleMalaysia
B108Chee Yu Meng Eddy DNFMEN VETERANMaleSingapore
A023Chen Yong Ning DNFMEN OPENMaleMalaysia
B118Cheng Gui Huang DNFMEN VETERANMaleSingapore
26A064Cheng Yong Hooi 19:51:09MEN OPEN13Male23Malaysia
124B019Cheng Yow Kee 27:10:41MEN VETERAN48Male107Malaysia
180B054Chiah Swee Choon 28:22:19MEN VETERAN75Male157Malaysia
187B043Chin Foot Shin 28:30:19MEN VETERAN79Male164Malaysia
56A031Chin Kok Lin 22:49:07MEN OPEN29Male48Malaysia
76B034Chin Lee Kun 24:25:32MEN VETERAN25Male65Malaysia
B072Chin Saw Yong DNFMEN VETERANMaleMalaysia
35C018Chong Hsiao Shiang 20:56:24WOMEN OPEN4Female4Malaysia
17A014Chong Wei Jung 17:51:23MEN OPEN9Male14Malaysia
B058Choo Siew On DNFMEN VETERANMaleMalaysia
64A010Chooi Chun Kit 23:36:39MEN OPEN33Male53Malaysia
B082Choong Choon Weng DNFMEN VETERANMaleMalaysia
49B116Choong Wai Kok 22:22:24MEN VETERAN16Male43Singapore
B061Chu Kim Yong DNFMEN VETERANMaleMalaysia
71B031Chu Kok Kuan 23:39:32MEN VETERAN23Male60Malaysia
46B104Chua Keng Huat 21:48:33MEN VETERAN15Male40Malaysia
Page 1 of 6 (290 items)

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