Bintulu 21KM Run
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22 Jul 2018
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229MD 0293MD AIDIL HJ UNTONG 02:34:0502:33:46Group MD (36-45 Male)44187  BRUNEI00:57:5502:06:08
84MF 0350KIM KWANG HO 02:02:3902:02:18Group MF (46 above Male)973  BINTULU00:53:4501:41:32
111MF 0365MOON DAEYONG 02:10:0102:09:40Group MF (46 above Male)1695  BINTULU00:53:4101:45:18
163FC 0493YAH NEE LO 02:19:3102:19:09Group FC (26-35 Female)728  BRUNEI00:57:1001:54:32
180FD 1015SITI ABDULLAH 02:22:3602:22:08Group FD (36-45 Female)1231  BRUNEI00:57:0201:56:14
126MD 0244ABD AZIZ JUBLI 02:13:3902:13:36Group MD (36-45 Male)27110Brunei Darussalam BRUNEI00:49:5801:46:52
22MD 0303MOHD DANNY BIN AIMI 01:39:5201:39:50Group MD (36-45 Male)421Brunei Darussalam BRUNEI00:39:5701:22:00
470MD 0304MOHD FAZRY HJ. M TALIP 03:33:2503:33:22Group MD (36-45 Male)80350Brunei Darussalam BRUNEI01:18:3002:52:27
10MB 0027HAFIZ HAMZULANI 01:30:5301:30:52Group MB (18-25 Male)310Brunei Darussalam BRUNEI00:35:5601:13:50
86MC 0147MD QAYYUM ABD RAHIM 02:03:1502:03:11Group MC (26-35 Male)3275Brunei Darussalam BRUNEI00:47:3001:38:14
85MC 0224TANG HAICHUN 02:02:5002:02:28Group MC (26-35 Male)3174China BINTULU00:50:4001:39:27
42MF 0384SONG RUI FANG 01:50:0201:49:55Group MF (46 above Male)440China BINTULU00:43:4801:30:01
179MF 0370NICHOLAS SELBY TURK 02:22:3202:21:55Group MF (46 above Male)23149Great Britain BRUNEI00:52:0501:53:27
50MC 0217SUHADI ANWAR 01:52:5901:52:50Group MC (26-35 Male)1846Indonesia BINTULU00:45:0701:30:55
83MC 0090DENDY HAYADI 02:02:3702:02:28Group MC (26-35 Male)3072Indonesia BINTULU00:45:0801:34:46
224MC 0091DENNIS EE SEE ONG 02:31:5402:31:35Group MC (26-35 Male)81182Malaysia SIBU01:00:3102:02:39
172MC 0092DIDIT AWALLUDIN BIN MURYONO 02:21:1302:20:20Group MC (26-35 Male)64143Malaysia BINTULU00:51:0901:49:45
170MC 0093ABDUL QADIR BIN ARIS 02:21:1302:20:20Group MC (26-35 Male)62141Malaysia BINTULU00:51:0901:49:45
36MC 0094DOMINIC ANAK ENJOP 01:46:4901:46:48Group MC (26-35 Male)1434Malaysia BINTULU00:38:3001:25:13
412MC 0095ELYSON JERALD JUNY 03:17:5703:17:25Group MC (26-35 Male)154322Malaysia MIRI01:16:4002:39:46
337MC 0096EUGENE EDBERG ANAK RUMAI 02:55:1302:54:34Group MC (26-35 Male)129271Malaysia BINTULU01:08:4502:18:31
417MC 0097FAIZAL BIN MORSHIDI 03:18:5303:18:01Group MC (26-35 Male)157325Malaysia BINTULU01:14:1702:35:41
297MC 0098FAIZZULFADHLI BIN TUAH 02:45:5802:45:40Group MC (26-35 Male)110240Malaysia BINTULU01:03:4502:15:31
406MC 0099FAREEZ BIN SAJI 03:16:5603:16:38Group MC (26-35 Male)149317Malaysia KAPIT01:13:2402:41:00
306MC 0100FARIQ B. ABDULLAH 02:48:2502:47:54Group MC (26-35 Male)115247Malaysia MIRI01:04:4702:14:12
468MC 0101FELIX ANAK BONNIK 03:33:1203:32:48Group MC (26-35 Male)165348Malaysia BINTULU01:22:5002:49:33
28MC 0102FELIX ANAK ENTRI 01:42:2501:42:08Group MC (26-35 Male)1027Malaysia BINTULU00:42:5401:24:05
377MC 0103FRANCO YEK WEI WEI 03:06:5703:06:44Group MC (26-35 Male)139296Malaysia SIBU01:02:2202:25:17
390MC 0104GARETH PETRUS 03:12:4503:12:08Group MC (26-35 Male)144306Malaysia BINTULU01:12:4502:32:37
298MC 0105GARY ANAK MUNAU 02:46:0502:45:36Group MC (26-35 Male)111241Malaysia BINTULU00:56:1501:58:00
66MC 0106GARY TING FUH HARNG 01:58:1901:58:07Group MC (26-35 Male)2356Malaysia BINTULU00:49:2001:37:57
204MC 0107HABIB FADZLILLAH BIN WAN MADIHI 02:28:3702:28:33Group MC (26-35 Male)73168Malaysia BINTULU00:58:5101:59:25
142MC 0108HAIRUL AMIN BIN HASSAN 02:16:2202:15:49Group MC (26-35 Male)53122Malaysia MUKAH00:55:1401:49:18
134MC 0109HANIS SAFWAN BIN ANUAR 02:15:0202:14:43Group MC (26-35 Male)50118Malaysia BINTULU00:51:2501:48:02
113MC 0110HASNOR RIZMAN BIN HASSAN 02:10:0702:09:46Group MC (26-35 Male)4197Malaysia KAPIT00:52:0001:45:41
118MC 0111HASROL BIN NARAWI 02:11:2902:10:43Group MC (26-35 Male)43102Malaysia BINTULU00:51:1401:44:09
465MC 0112HII WEI YOK 03:32:0503:31:27Group MC (26-35 Male)164347Malaysia BINTULU01:22:4102:47:19
207MC 0113HIING CHENG CHIANG 02:28:5902:28:54Group MC (26-35 Male)74169Malaysia SARIKEI00:56:3501:56:15
299MC 0114HO KA FUI 02:46:1702:45:42Group MC (26-35 Male)112242Malaysia MIRI00:54:2702:09:55
312MC 0115IMMUEL JUSTIN 02:48:5902:48:54Group MC (26-35 Male)118251Malaysia BINTULU00:59:2302:14:39
218MC 0116JACKSON ANAK JOHN ENTINGGI 02:30:1102:29:37Group MC (26-35 Male)77178Malaysia MIRI01:00:1402:00:39
183MC 0117JALI KELEMAN 02:23:0402:22:59Group MC (26-35 Male)67150Malaysia BINTULU00:54:2401:53:44
104MC 0118JAMES LAU JENN YUNN 02:08:2502:08:17Group MC (26-35 Male)3990Malaysia SIBU00:47:1701:42:26
453MC 0121JEREMY ANAK BATIN 03:28:1403:28:04Group MC (26-35 Male)161342Malaysia BINTULU01:16:1102:42:41
29MC 0122JOHNWESLEY BALAN 01:43:2501:43:24Group MC (26-35 Male)1128Malaysia BINTULU00:41:2901:24:04
319MC 0123JUBLI BIN MORSIDI 02:50:3702:49:53Group MC (26-35 Male)120257Malaysia BETONG01:06:5202:17:38
30MC 0124JUSTIN JUTY ANAK CHUN 01:43:3801:43:29Group MC (26-35 Male)1229Malaysia SARIKEI00:41:1601:24:17
353MC 0125KENNY ANAK JONATHAN ENSAWING 02:58:2402:58:04Group MC (26-35 Male)134281Malaysia MIRI01:06:2802:28:16
387MC 0127KHAIRIN BIN SYAM 03:12:0203:11:15Group MC (26-35 Male)143304Malaysia BINTULU01:07:1702:29:24
13MC 0128KHARIN BIN SALIM 01:32:3701:32:34Group MC (26-35 Male)513Malaysia MIRI00:37:2101:16:04
Page 1 of 10 (499 items)