DRCC King of Mountain Challenge
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9 Dec 2018
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353A 0001AFIF IZZUDDIN BIN MOKHTAR 03:16:38.76Men Junior68Male335 18.0 km/h
219A 0002AIMAN ZAHIN BIN ZARANI 02:53:27.44Men Junior60Male207 20.4 km/h
581A 0004CHONG XUAN KHEE 04:08:13.71Men Junior75Male548 14.3 km/h
64A 0007EDMOND CHEW HAO WEN 02:19:22.03Men Junior26Male64 25.4 km/h
157A 0008FOO KOI JUN 02:41:01.29Men Junior49Male150 22.0 km/h
132A 0009GOH CHOONG WAI 02:35:46.77Men Junior44Male127 22.7 km/h
264A 0010GOH CHUN HIAN GORDON 03:01:24.56Men Junior64Male252 19.5 km/h
44A 0011HENG ZI HEN 02:15:22.15Men Junior20Male44 26.2 km/h
404A 0012HOO YEE FU 03:25:13.72Men Junior72Male386 17.2 km/h
369A 0013JACOB TAY ZHI SHENG 03:18:23.34Men Junior70Male351 17.8 km/h
206A 0014JOSHUA STEWART SMEE 02:50:59.09Men Junior56Male195 20.7 km/h
186A 0015JULIAN TAY YONG SHENG 02:47:31.70Men Junior54Male179 21.1 km/h
321A 0016KEE YONG SHENG 03:10:53.67Men Junior67Male304 18.5 km/h
244A 0017KONG KANG ER 02:57:39.98Men Junior61Male232 19.9 km/h
363A 0018LAI DE KAI 03:17:31.94Men Junior69Male345 17.9 km/h
586A 0019LAI XUAN ER 04:08:55.18Men Junior76Male553 14.2 km/h
36A 0021LAWRENCE YONG 02:13:14.47Men Junior16Male36 26.6 km/h
63A 0022LEE JIAN LI 02:19:17.55Men Junior25Male63 25.4 km/h
83A 0023LEE WEI JIE 02:25:10.82Men Junior34Male82 24.4 km/h
79A 0024LIM ALVIN 02:23:58.13Men Junior31Male78 24.6 km/h
102A 0025LIM CHEE YEAN ADRIAN 02:30:55.58Men Junior36Male99 23.5 km/h
159A 0026LIM SHU HONG 02:42:06.54Men Junior50Male152 21.8 km/h
153A 0027LIM ZHEN YU, DARREN 02:39:53.86Men Junior47Male146 22.1 km/h
43A 0028LIOW WAI CHUNG 02:15:21.65Men Junior19Male43 26.2 km/h
154A 0030MATEO JOHN ANTHONY ALMADIN 02:40:08.08Men Junior48Male147 22.1 km/h
25A 0031MEGAT IMRAN HAIKAL BIN MEGAT ABD HALIM 02:10:03.83Men Junior14Male25 27.2 km/h
124A 0032MOHAMAD FARHAN MOHD FAUZI 02:34:14.31Men Junior40Male119 23.0 km/h
50A 0033MOHAMMAD IRWAN SHAH BIN MOHAMMAD 02:17:07.83Men Junior23Male50 25.8 km/h
71A 0034MOHD NOR AFENDY BIN ZULKIFLI 02:23:19.55Men Junior29Male71 24.7 km/h
62A 0035MUHAMAD FIRAS ALIYAN BIN ISMAIL 02:18:56.52Men Junior24Male62 25.5 km/h
126A 0036MUHAMMAD AFIQ DANIEL BIN MOHD ROSLI 02:34:15.29Men Junior42Male121 22.9 km/h
7A 0037MUHAMMAD HAKIMI BIN AJIS 01:58:19.74Men Junior6Male7 29.9 km/h
282A 0039MUHAMMAD SIRAJUDDIN BIN HAMDZAH 03:04:39.32Men Junior66Male269 19.2 km/h
81A 0040NG JIA YAO 02:24:50.98Men Junior32Male80 24.4 km/h
47A 0041NG KAYSSON 02:16:03.19Men Junior22Male47 26.0 km/h
373A 0043NOOR SAFWAN ARIF BIN NORYAMI 03:18:33.05Men Junior71Male355 17.8 km/h
15A 0045TSEN REN BAO 02:04:01.22Men Junior10Male15 28.5 km/h
163A 0046WONG KAI HUAN 02:42:40.27Men Junior51Male156 21.8 km/h
A 0047WONG WEI XIANG DNFMen JuniorMale 
667A 0048YEAP QUAN FENG 04:33:22.83Men Junior78Male627 12.9 km/h
168A 0049LOW WEI MING 02:43:22.12Men Junior52Male161 21.7 km/h
125A 0050AMEENUR HAQEEM BIN AZRIN 02:34:15.00Men Junior41Male120 22.9 km/h
214A 0051MUHAMMAD ZIKRY ASYRAF BIN HASHIM 02:52:57.54Men Junior58Male202 20.5 km/h
68A 0052NG CHIN BOON 02:22:43.54Men Junior28Male68 24.8 km/h
67A 0053FAIZ RAHIM 02:20:29.36Men Junior27Male67 25.2 km/h
23A 0054KU MUALIFF BIN KU MAHAZIR 02:09:33.27Men Junior13Male23 27.3 km/h
38A 0055MOHAMAD AYMAN 02:13:46.14Men Junior17Male38 26.5 km/h
648A 0057MOHD. SYAZREEL BIN SHAFIEE 04:26:56.89Men Junior77Male609 13.3 km/h
Page 1 of 16 (766 items)