DRCC King of Mountain Challenge
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Mobile Results
9 Dec 2018
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Gender Pos
Avg Speed
E 4070WONG LAI FUN DNFWomen OpenFemale 
419E 4001LIM THENG YEE 03:28:38.80Women Open21Female21 17.0 km/h
529E 4002CHAI SIEW HA 03:54:35.25Women Open29Female29 15.1 km/h
94E 4003YEONG ZHEN YI 02:27:16.09Women Open3Female3 24.0 km/h
553E 4004CHOO SIEW YIN 04:00:41.38Women Open31Female31 14.7 km/h
147E 4005CHRISTINA LIEW 02:38:41.91Women Open7Female7 22.3 km/h
138E 4007CARMELA PATRICIA SERINA PEARSON 02:36:21.66Women Open6Female6 22.6 km/h
514E 4009MINAKO TOSHIRO 03:48:40.71Women Open28Female28 15.5 km/h
641E 4012LEE SIEW YEN 04:21:37.01Women Open39Female39 13.5 km/h
697E 4013TAY SIEW THENG 04:43:33.62Women Open47Female47 12.5 km/h
E 4015CHOK SHOOK YEE DNFWomen OpenFemale 
692E 4016CHONG FOOK PING 04:41:34.04Women Open46Female46 12.6 km/h
331E 4017WOON KONG YUEH 03:12:17.11Women Open18Female18 18.4 km/h
569E 4018KOH CHING YONG 04:05:07.54Women Open32Female32 14.4 km/h
113E 4019CHELSIE TAN WEI SHI 02:32:49.79Women Open4Female4 23.2 km/h
601E 4021TAN WAN CWIN 04:11:06.68Women Open35Female35 14.1 km/h
291E 4023POH SIEW LENG 03:06:29.48Women Open14Female14 19.0 km/h
320E 4024HO FUN FUN 03:10:52.25Women Open17Female17 18.5 km/h
487E 4025NOR JULIANA BINTI ALI 03:43:16.42Women Open23Female23 15.9 km/h
539E 4026MARY CHUA 03:57:32.98Women Open30Female30 14.9 km/h
669E 4028TAN JIUN SIEW 04:34:22.50Women Open42Female42 12.9 km/h
690E 4029LIM CHIEW VIEN 04:41:33.36Women Open45Female45 12.6 km/h
E 4030WOO WAI YNG DNFWomen OpenFemale 
513E 4031YIAP FANG LING 03:48:00.51Women Open27Female27 15.5 km/h
212E 4033HIEW FEI SIM 02:52:56.36Women Open12Female12 20.5 km/h
462E 4034LOH WENG YEEI 03:37:01.17Women Open22Female22 16.3 km/h
640E 4035NORAZILLA MD TAHIR 04:21:20.11Women Open38Female38 13.5 km/h
626E 4036SON HAU KUAN 04:18:32.01Women Open37Female37 13.7 km/h
88E 4037CHARLOTTE HENRY 02:25:56.66Women Open2Female2 24.3 km/h
405E 4038FOONG WAY FUN 03:25:31.25Women Open19Female19 17.2 km/h
707E 4039KEK PHAIK YEAN 04:49:08.91Women Open49Female49 12.2 km/h
E 4040PRISCILLA LING DNFWomen OpenFemale 
577E 4041LEE SIEW HOONG 04:07:22.13Women Open33Female33 14.3 km/h
668E 4042TUNG GEK BEE 04:34:08.04Women Open41Female41 12.9 km/h
682E 4043SOO SIEW BEE 04:40:52.54Women Open44Female44 12.6 km/h
595E 4044SUWINA KAOKANGKIITTICHOK 04:10:48.75Women Open34Female34 14.1 km/h
302E 4046SHIRLEY TEO 03:07:49.07Women Open15Female15 18.8 km/h
407E 4047EILEEN SUHARDJO 03:26:38.53Women Open20Female20 17.1 km/h
317E 4048VITRI GUSTI 03:10:44.12Women Open16Female16 18.6 km/h
117E 4052HE CHEN (STELLA) 02:33:14.02Women Open5Female5 23.1 km/h
665E 4054CHAN YUEN SAN CLAUDINE 04:33:04.99Women Open40Female40 13.0 km/h
196E 4056LIM PEK YEN 02:49:10.30Women Open9Female9 20.9 km/h
190E 4057NURAINI HUDA BINTI ABDUL KADIR 02:48:05.78Women Open8Female8 21.1 km/h
680E 4058ANGELA CHONG 04:40:43.97Women Open43Female43 12.6 km/h
699E 4059SAM KWAI FONG 04:43:55.09Women Open48Female48 12.5 km/h
491E 4060VIVIAN TAN 03:44:06.40Women Open24Female24 15.8 km/h
E 4062ANG CHER LEAN DNFWomen OpenFemale 
72E 4063JEYNELLE LEE PI UEN 02:23:19.81Women Open1Female1 24.7 km/h
611E 4064AHIRINIE AHIRUDIN 04:13:21.71Women Open36Female36 14.0 km/h
Page 1 of 16 (766 items)