Penang Ultra 100
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30 September 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
12222Soonseng Ong 10:36:05100km - Solo1Male1
22061Jifree Bin Pulok 11:36:54100km - Solo2Male2
32145Suzuki Terukazu 12:05:53100km - Solo3Male3
42126Liew Chien Sioen 12:06:21100km - Solo4Male4
52121Cheng Yong Hooi 12:46:50100km - Solo5Male5
62096Chan Kean Siew 12:58:45100km - Solo6Male6
72012Muhammad Umar A Kamaludin 12:59:02100km - Solo7Male7
82146Liew Tho Fatt 13:01:09100km - Solo8Male8
92011Foo Chee Guan 13:05:00100km - Solo9Male9
101021Yeong Lai Ling 13:05:35100km - Solo1Female1
112115Lim Wei Key 13:16:33100km - Solo10Male10
122143Colin Hang Min Kwang 13:19:12100km - Solo11Male11
132195Ng Saw Ping 13:26:08100km - Solo12Male12
142058Lye Tick Twan 13:34:38100km - Solo13Male13
151025Siawhua Lim 13:37:30100km - Solo2Female2
162141William Muk 13:50:37100km - Solo14Male14
172170Hafizan Lamin 14:16:20100km - Solo15Male15
182086Loke Chi Loon 14:18:24100km - Solo16Male16
192180Paul Gane Blake 14:19:36100km - Solo17Male17
201006Law Lay Eng 14:22:24100km - Solo3Female3
212062Muara Sianturi 14:30:35100km - Solo18Male18
222183Shannon Francis Lee 14:33:13100km - Solo19Male19
231001Ooi Mong Wei 14:34:49100km - Solo4Female4
241018Lee Poh Suan 14:42:32100km - Solo5Female5
252089Teh Boon Hock 14:47:42100km - Solo20Male20
262082Man Kok Fai 14:53:51100km - Solo21Male21
272202Lau Say Niong 14:53:51100km - Solo22Male22
282167Poh Sing Chong 14:58:12100km - Solo23Male23
292217Young Choon Wai 15:04:07100km - Solo24Male24
302025Chu Kok Kuan 15:06:00100km - Solo25Male25
312081Ngan Beng Tatt 15:12:49100km - Solo26Male26
322007Yeoh Teong San 15:13:09100km - Solo27Male27
332031Chan Chong Siong 15:19:54100km - Solo28Male28
342088Chen Te Hsiu 15:21:11100km - Solo29Male29
351019Lu Yuan 15:27:54100km - Solo6Female6
362020Saw Chi Wooi 15:32:41100km - Solo30Male30
372181Tan Cheng Hoe 15:37:28100km - Solo31Male31
382006Wong Choon Hou 15:40:09100km - Solo32Male32
392015Lim Toh Cheong 15:44:07100km - Solo33Male33
402014Lim Boon Kok 15:44:08100km - Solo34Male34
412169Ezamizudin Ma'mum 15:46:39100km - Solo35Male35
422003Yong Chee Keat 15:49:22100km - Solo36Male36
431024Jacquelyn John 15:51:31100km - Solo7Female7
441016Loke Jiali Melissa Ann 15:53:09100km - Solo8Female8
452127Lim Thong Chen 15:53:50100km - Solo37Male37
462053Chew Yee Chuan 15:57:42100km - Solo38Male38
472191Leung Pak Kei 16:04:38100km - Solo39Male39
482124Sin Boon Keong 16:08:19100km - Solo40Male40
492147Khoo Khye Eu 16:18:51100km - Solo41Male41
502043Tan Kean Peng 16:19:02100km - Solo42Male42
Page 1 of 5 (241 items)

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