City of Dreams RUN
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18 December 2016
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1A1196OW YONG JIN KUANG 00:50:3600:50:35Men's Open1Male1
2C3112CALVIN TAN 00:56:3500:56:33Men's Veteran1Male2
3C3051JEEVANANTHAN A/L KRISHNAN 00:57:0600:56:55Men's Veteran2Male3
4A1010WONG JIN JI 00:59:2200:59:21Men's Open2Male4
5C3100TANG CHING SWEE 00:59:5600:59:54Men's Veteran3Male5
6C3146NG HOE LOOI 01:01:0701:01:04Men's Veteran4Male6
7A1179SUHAIMI BIN KHALID 01:01:2001:01:11Men's Open3Male7
8C3045DU DEXI 01:02:2601:02:23Men's Veteran5Male8
9C3031LEE KHENG LEONG 01:03:0701:03:02Men's Veteran6Male9
10A1201HAASHWEIN MOGANAN 01:03:3201:03:31Men's Open4Male10
11C3048NAH AI WEE 01:03:3401:03:29Men's Veteran7Male11
12A1054LEE KHENG SIANG 01:05:5701:05:51Men's Open5Male12
13A1033SOON BOON HOOI 01:06:0101:05:56Men's Open6Male13
14C3013CHEN WOOI CHET 01:06:1601:06:14Men's Veteran8Male14
15B2111AIMEE NEOH HUEIH CHING 01:06:4801:06:45Women's Open1Female1
16D4044CHONG GUIK GUIK 01:06:5701:06:55Women's Veteran1Female2
17D4067TOH HUI SUNG 01:07:2501:07:21Women's Veteran2Female3
18C3047NAH AI CHOON 01:07:3601:07:31Men's Veteran9Male15
19C3040TAN YAM SIANG 01:08:1801:08:16Men's Veteran10Male16
20A1211KHOR TEIK LIM 01:08:4701:08:41Men's Open7Male17
21C3070CHAN KOK HENG 01:09:2201:09:07Men's Veteran11Male18
22A1137CALVIN CHAN YI XUAN 01:09:2201:08:42Men's Open8Male19
23A1090LIM BENG GHEE 01:10:0401:09:59Men's Open9Male20
24A1043ONG SOON HOWE 01:10:1401:10:10Men's Open10Male21
25A1269JEFF CHUI WEI KEAT 01:10:4001:09:10Men's Open11Male22
26A1291CHIN SIONG YEN 01:10:5701:10:55Men's Open12Male23
27A1030TAN LENG KHOON 01:11:0601:11:02Men's Open13Male24
28A1266HOR KEAT CHIN 01:11:1601:11:10Men's Open14Male25
29C3085HIDEKI AKIMOTO 01:11:2001:11:16Men's Veteran12Male26
30A1119LIE TZE XIAN 01:12:2401:11:50Men's Open15Male27
31C3119PHILIP LIM HOCK AUN 01:12:3901:12:26Men's Veteran13Male28
32A1172IVAN TEO WEI MING 01:12:4701:12:09Men's Open16Male29
33A1024NEOH BOON LIANG 01:13:2901:13:25Men's Open17Male30
34C3049CHAI BENG SIAH 01:14:2001:14:10Men's Veteran14Male31
35D4042CHOONG MEOW LIN 01:14:2001:14:15Women's Veteran3Female4
36A1199LOH KAH LON 01:14:3101:13:55Men's Open18Male32
37A1027GOOI SOON KEONG 01:14:4201:14:40Men's Open19Male33
38C3147CHIN KEAT HON 01:15:0401:15:02Men's Veteran15Male34
39C3054TOH BOON HAI 01:15:1601:15:09Men's Veteran16Male35
40A1178AHMAD IKMAL BIN ROSLI 01:15:4001:15:32Men's Open20Male36
41A1238LEE CHEN HAO 01:15:4401:15:25Men's Open21Male37
42B2173TAN KHAI JOU 01:16:1001:16:09Women's Open2Female5
43A1203LIM THEAM TEOW 01:16:2201:15:20Men's Open22Male38
44C3069LEE SWEE BOON 01:16:4401:15:39Men's Veteran17Male39
45C3081TEOH BOON CHONG 01:16:4801:16:22Men's Veteran18Male40
46C3130TAN CHZE SEU 01:17:0801:16:42Men's Veteran19Male41
47A1028MOHD FANDI BIN ABD RAHAMAN 01:17:1101:17:05Men's Open23Male42
48C3137CHAN MING HOO 01:17:1701:16:55Men's Veteran20Male43
49C3138CHUAH CHONG BIN 01:17:1801:16:56Men's Veteran21Male44
50D4027ANG MOOI NGOH 01:17:2101:17:01Women's Veteran4Female6
Page 1 of 15 (743 items)